Unofficial Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Architect Study Guide (ebook)

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The Missing Lecture Notes for Passing the Professional Cloud Architect Exam

NOTE: The PCA exam has been updated since I wrote this book, and I have no plans to update this book. Thus, I am making this book available for free (but you can pay me any amount if you wish).

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You have four hours to go before taking the GCP Professional Cloud Architect exam. What do you do? Why, read this book, of course!

Most courses and books on the matter overload you with stuff that will never appear in the exam (good for your knowledge and understanding though). This book ruthlessly focuses on exactly what you need to know to pass this exam. No long-windedness, reams of documentation, or deployment walkthroughs. 

In this book I also walk through all the three case studies that will appear in the exam, and provide some analysis so that you will be better prepared for the case study questions.

Some prerequisites:

  • You have dabbled with Google Cloud for at least 6 months
  • You know what a service account is in Google Cloud
  • You have architected an application before, no matter how large or small

About the Author

My name is Jonathan Lin, a Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Architect and Professional Data Engineer. I think Google Cloud is the best cloud out there, in terms of technology innovation (doing things in better and novel ways) and developer experience.

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You'll get a no-nonsense and straight to the point study guide in PDF and EPUB format (94 pages in PDF), along with continual book updates.

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Unofficial Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Architect Study Guide (ebook)

2 ratings
I want this!